• Technical knowledge of node operation and blockchain networks.

  • Adequate hardware and internet connectivity to run a node.

  • Staked BTC as collateral, meeting the minimum required by the protocol.

Becoming a Validator

  1. Set Up Your Node: Follow the technical documentation to set up and configure your node.

  2. Stake Your Collateral: Lock in the required amount of BTC to participate as a Validator.

  3. Register as a Validator: Complete the registration process through the Delegation Manager.


  • Maintain uptime and perform validations per network rules.

  • Update your node software as required by the protocol.

  • Monitor your node's performance and adhere to protocol guidelines to avoid penalties.

Rewards and Penalties

  • We will soon reveal the reward system and how Validators are compensated.

  • Familiarize yourself with the slashing conditions that could lead to penalties.

Support and Resources

  • Access technical support and resources for the Validator.

  • Engage with the community of Validators for tips and best practices.

Exiting as a Validator

  • Follow the protocol's exit procedure to stop validating and retrieve your staked BTC.

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