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Two main types of protocols derive their security from are either Ethereum (EigenLayer) or Bitcoin (Babylon). EigenLayer's reliance on Ethereum for security features tends to overload its consensus mechanism, potentially leading to catastrophic failure in the future. Currently, all Layered Security Protocols (LSP) have evolved into Layered Risk Protocols (LRP), meaning that a failure within the protocol could lead to catastrophic outcomes, rendering other protocols ineffective and compromising security for Actively Validated Services (AVS).

Conversely, Babylon has developed an innovative approach by aiming to secure users' Bitcoin on the Bitcoin blockchain itself, thus providing security to Proof of Stake (PoS) chains by optimizing their unbonding windows.

OrangeLayer, on the other hand, leverages all forms of Bitcoin, whether Wrapped (wBTC on Ethereum) or in native BTC form, transforming all available Bitcoin into assets capable of generating yield. Bitcoin protected services (BPS) encompass a suite of actively validated services secured by Bitcoin. BPS includes vital functionalities such as oracles, bridges, Proof of Stake systems, and a plethora of upcoming use cases, all under the secure umbrella of OrangeLayer.

If you're a developer looking to build out out favourite application, OrangeLayer provides you with all the necessary liquidity to bootstrap your applications. You can browse through our extensive guides on the most optimal ways to build out BPSs.

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