Software Requirements

  • Docker: Essential for running containerized applications. Install Docker by following the official Docker Installation Guide.

  • Docker Compose: Required for running multi-container Docker applications. Install Docker Compose by following the Docker Compose Installation Guide.

  • Linux Environment: OrangeLayer supports Linux for its operations. If you're not on a native Linux system, use Docker to create a suitable environment.

Checking for Requirements

  • Linux Distribution Check: Use lsb_release -a to identify your Linux distribution.

  • Docker Verification: To verify Docker installation, execute docker --version in your terminal. Docker's presence indicates readiness for OrangeLayer operations within a containerized Linux environment.

Installation Process

  • Install CLI via Binary:

    • Download the binary with curl -sSfL | sh -s.

    • The binary installs in ~/bin.

    • Add the binary to your path: export PATH=$PATH:~/bin.

  • Custom Installation Location:

    • For a custom location, use: curl -sSfL | sh -s -- -b <custom_location>.

  • Install CLI using Go:

    • Install the CLI with Go: go install

    • Ensure GOBIN is in your PATH. If not, add export GOBIN=$GOPATH/bin and export PATH=$GOBIN:$PATH to $HOME/.profile.

    • Apply changes with source $HOME/.profile.

  • CLI Installation from Source:

    • Clone the repo and build:

      bashCopy codegit clone
      cd orangecli
      go build -o build/orangelayer cmd/orangelayer/main.go
    • Or use make build if make is available.

  • Key Management:

    • Generate ECDSA and BLS keys for Validator interactions with orangecli validator keys create --key-type ecdsa/bls [keyname]. Store keys securely, as they're crucial for operations and interactions.

  • Funding the Validator Wallet:

    • Ensure your validator wallet is funded with sufficient testnet ETH for transaction fees. This is critical for registration and operational activities on the testnet.

Validator Registration

  • Configuration Setup: Use orangecli validator config create to generate necessary config files. Ensure the validator address matches your ECDSA key address.

  • Public Metadata: Update metadata.json and host it publicly. Provide the URL in your validator.yaml. Public access to metadata is essential for successful registration.

  • Registration Command: Register your validator with orangecli validator register validator.yaml.

  • Check Registration Status: Verify your registration status with orangecli validator status validator.yaml.

Metadata and Keys

  • Updating Metadata: To update your operator's metadata, use orangecli operator update validator.yaml.

  • Importing Keys: Import existing ECDSA and BLS keys with orangecli operator keys import --key-type ecdsa/bls [keyname] [privatekey].

This guide provides the foundational steps for setting up as an operator within the OrangeLayer ecosystem, emphasizing the need for a secure Linux environment, Docker setup, and proper key management for successful operation and interaction with the platform.

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