Staking Other BTC Assets

All BTC assets are locked in their native chain (such as BTC on Bitcoin, wBTC on Ethereum, and so on). As a general rule of thumb, you would need your chain-compatible wallet to stake your BTC asset on that chain.

  1. Native BTC Staking: Securely lock your native BTC directly on the Bitcoin blockchain using a compatible hardware or software wallet.

  2. StacksBTC Staking: Stake StacksBTC within the Stacks ecosystem using a Stacks wallet.

  3. Nomic BTC Staking: Engage in Nomic BTC staking on the Cosmos-based Nomic blockchain using a Cosmos-compatible wallet.

  4. Interlay BTC Staking: Convert and stake your BTC as Interlay BTC on the Polkadot network using a Polkadot-compatible wallet for cross-chain functionalities.

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