Core Participants of the OrangeLayer Protocol:

  • Stakers: BTC holders on any chain (native Bitcoin chain, Ethereum, Arbitrum, Binance Smart Chain etc.). These individuals commit their Bitcoin to bolster the network's security and receive yield as a reward for their invaluable contribution.

  • Validators: Running OrangeLayer clients and managing nodes to validate transactions. They are the backbone of network integrity, ensuring seamless and secure operations.

  • Bitcoin Protected Services (BPS): Encompasses a suite of services actively validated and authenticated by the OrangeLayer network. BPSs include several vital applications like oracles, bridges, Proof of Stake systems, and a variety of other applications.

Fundamental Modules of the OrangeLayer Protocol:

  • Staking Pool Manager: This module organizes and manages the pooled assets, ensuring efficient and secure asset allocation.

  • Delegation Manager: Entrusted with the pivotal role of assigning and overseeing network validators, this manager is crucial in maintaining the protocol's validation integrity.

  • Slashing Manager: Dedicated to upholding discipline within the network, this manager vigilantly identifies and penalizes any form of misconduct, safeguarding the protocol's trustworthiness.

In forthcoming updates, OrangeLayer is set to unveil TimeStamping DA, a Bitcoin Protected Service (BPS) that provides an added layer of Proof of Work (PoW) security for protocols in need. Concurrently, OrangeLayer will broaden its horizons by integrating Bitcoin assets from diverse ecosystems, including StacksBTC on Stacks, BTC on Nomic (Cosmos), and BTC on Interlay (Polkadot). This strategic expansion is designed to elevate features surrounding decentralized inclusion, significantly enhancing OrangeLayer's utility and cross-chain interoperability within the expansive blockchain ecosystem.

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