Staking wBTC

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of how to stake your wBTC on our platform and start accumulating points.

Getting Started

Connect Your Wallet

  1. Navigate to our staking platform at

  2. Securely connect your wallet by selecting the appropriate wallet provider and following the on-screen instructions to establish a connection.

Staking Process

Enter Staking Amount

In the staking section, input the amount of Bitcoin you wish to stake. Ensure it meets or exceeds the protocol's minimum requirement.

Initiate Staking

Review your staking details, then confirm your transaction within the platform. You may need to approve the transaction from your wallet.

Staking Confirmation

Wait for the network to confirm your staking transaction. Confirmation times may vary based on current network conditions.

Managing Your Stake

View Your Staked Assets

  • The platform provides tools to monitor your staked assets and the expected rewards. Regularly check your dashboard for updates.

Add to Your Stake

  • To increase your potential rewards, you can add more Bitcoin to your existing stake at any time following the same process as the initial staking.


  • If you decide to retrieve your assets, follow the protocol's unstaking process. Note that unstaking may be subject to certain conditions or waiting periods.


  • Familiarize yourself with the Orange Points reward structure of the OrangeLayer platform.

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